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August 10, 2013
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Hey guy's and gal's who've seen some of my work. sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been having PC problem's. anyway, I've decided to discontinue the Inessa Hara Skyrim Fan fiction series' in favor of starting up a new one. (with the encouragement of friend's and fellow gamer's from the steam forum's.) I haven't started building the plotline or anything yet but I can assure everyone here that the read will be very long. im going to be releasing the Fan Fic series' in segment's which I will be calling chapter's and in order to keep up with a good flow of creation and writing, ill be releasing a new chapter every week. (sometimes maybe two week's but this wont likely happen.) anyway's, starting now, I will take these first two week's to develop a suitable plotline that will cater to both the vanilla game story and will also include my mix of what I consider the backstory and future story of the main character of the Fan Fic serie's. I will try to be as consistent with TES lore and canon as much as possible and every now and then, I may have some new character's join the Fan Fic fray. I will also be using these first two week's to building up on the character and figuring out how im going to fit his story that's separate from the vanilla skyrim game. anyway's, here is the link to the steam discussion of which the fan fic has started. just scroll down till you see a long character story about a game named Demitri.… after the first two week's are up, ill have uploaded another thing that will have all of my note's along with character background's, how the story will be built up, etc. etc.     here is a pic of my character Demitri in case you cant find his pic.

okay everyone, so I guess ill see you in two week's or so.

Eh, what's the point of writing a description if im describing everything in the Submission. anyway, this isn't anything much, just me telling what's going to be happening soon. oh, btw if you know what's been going on with me on steam lately than you should know that my Skyrim game isn't working properly so I will not be able to include DLC content within the Fan Fic serie's. just thought people who didn't know that should know before I get started into this thing.
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Myst1kk Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
Hey bud. Dan here :)

Keep up your writing! You will just keep getting better and better the more you write, and invest in a big dictionary too! Sounds silly but they really help! :) You got some good talent!
LiveVoltage Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I would like to get Microsoft word so I can do this stuff with something im more comfortable with but MSW costs like 100 dollars or something online.    Dx

Oh well. I know I have a dictionary lying around somewhere in my house and if not then I have the internet.

Elfen-Song Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Hi Voltcheck, it is me Ms.Snowsong from Steam. Somebody used the word snowsong for something here it seems i guess, so i had to use Elfen-Song. :) I am just checking out your announcement about the fanfiction for Skyrim that U are doing. C'ya :) Great job!
LiveVoltage Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks'. I try my best to keep everyone informed. so after about four day's, I have began work on the Fan Fic. I expect the first batch of note's to be released around Sunday or Monday next week.
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